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OWK Residents

Old Waterford Knoll


This website has been established to help our residents stay informed of upcoming events and to provide useful reference information such as contact information, links to HOA documents, town websites, instructions to join the OWK discussion forum, etc.  Please contact the OWK HOA Board if you have comments on the website or you would like to post information of interest to the OWK community on this site (see "Contact Us" page).

Stay Informed!

The best way to stay informed of items affecting the community is to join the OWK group discussion forum.

If you live in OWK and you wish to join the discussion group, send an email to

You must include your name and address in the body of the email for verification purposes.  Any requests without name and address will be rejected.

Another good way to stay informed is to attend the quarterly OWK HOA Board of Directors meetings.  Board meeting dates/times will be published on the Home page when available.

Quarterly Assessments:

Assessment dues payments remain at $60 for 2018 and are due on the 1st of January, April, July, and October.

Payment methods:

  • Bill Pay:  See your payment coupon for you NEW account number and the new address information.  If you have an existing online bill pay configured with your bank provider for Horizon, you will need to update the payment information with your new 16-digit bill pay account number, and the new mailing address. 
  • Checks:  Made payable to Old Waterford Knoll Homeowners Association, can be mailed to Old Waterford Knoll Homeowners Association, PO BOX  105302, Atlanta, GA 30348-5302.
  • Electronic:  If you prefer to pay assessments electronically, visit for details

Your account number can be found on your payment coupon.  If you cannot locate your account number, please contact Sentry Management using the contact information found below.  

Contacting the OWK HOA Management Team:
To ensure timely response to any questions or concerns, please direct your requests to the appropriate point of contact described below.

Common HOA management issues and concerns:
Most resident requests are easily handled by our HOA management service contractor, Sentry Management, Inc.  Residents should contact Sentry for common items including HOA document requests, architectural compliance questions and reviews, accounts payable/receivable, HOA procedure clarifications, contract services, and issues with common area grounds. Our Sentry community manager and contact information is:

Aimee Round

Sentry Management, Inc.
540-751-1888, ext.56609

OWK HOA Board of Directors

Topics of interest or concern to residents of OWK which are not addressed by our HOA management service should be directed to the OWK HOA Board of Directors.  Typical items for the Board include website updates (news and upcoming local events), as well as topics for discussion at upcoming Board meetings.  Architectural review issues ARE NOT handled by the Board unless a resident is unable to achieve a satisfactory outcome with the Architectural Review Board.

The current OWK HOA Board members are:

  • President:   Steve Tousignant

  • Vice President:   Ann Doss
  • Secretary:  Chris Hennen
  • Treasurer:    Daniel Frasnelli
  • At-Large:     Nensi Fiorenini

To contact the OWK HOA Board members, send an email to the following Yahoo Group:


Other Issues:

For questions and/or concerns about Town services or town related issues (e.g. missed garbage collection, snow plowing, low hanging branches on sidewalks, etc.), please see the Town of Leesburg website or contact the appropriate Town department directly.